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Runtime error:
This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. Assertion Failed!: "variant" must either be a public property of lightningRadioGroup or a global HTML attribute : false Failing descriptor: {c:AddProducts}
<lightning:radioGroup aura:id="NonAdmittedPaper" 
                                    label="Will the products be written on Non-Admitted paper?"
                                    options="{! v.YesNoOptions }" variant="label-hidden"
                                    value="{! v.NonAdmittedPaper }" type="button"  />
If I remove variant="label-hidden" it worksOk.
I think this is a bug. It show variant in the developers guide.


I'm using a visualforce button in custom object layout page to create related list record of another custom object. when I use the sforce.one.createrecord the SF1 navigate to the create record page but I cannot auto populate the fields just like in standard salesforce when I passed parameters in url.
the creation page looks like this:
User-added image 
The lookup fields in yellow should present a read only value that is taken from a parameter passed from.
Any solution for this or a workaround?

 how to get Application name using Apex?



Magulan D

How can I determine the current Application Name?


(e.g. Is it Sales? Call Center? Custom Application?)




  • July 04, 2011
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