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Challenge Question:
Assume a company needs a user whose job is to solely review existing accounts and report on them, but does not require the ability to edit the records. They should only see records from the Account object. Create the correct profile for this user.The profile must be named 'Account Reviewer'.
The 'Account Reviewer' profile should use the 'Salesforce' user license type.
Any user assigned to the 'Account Reviewer' profile should only have read access to the Account object (and no access to any other object in the Org).

I did every thing as tiralhead instructed but i am getting this error.

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Account Reviewer' profile does not work as expected

error message goes on, "An account owner must be associated with a role to enable portal users or transfer portal users to his or her account."


I'm lost. I'm trying to setup website authenticated user access to a force.com site.  I am the only Enterprise user, all other users are guests or website authenticated.  I assume that I am the account owner, but I can't find the field that I need to change to make this work. I know someone will probably need more info than this to help, but don't know what else to provide. 


Please ask away!


thank you