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snap-in pre chat form not working, 
There are two buttons on lead. 1.Convert, 2. Do not send
Clicking on convert opens a visual force page, while do not send is a java script button.
The requirement is, when either of these buttons are pressed a validation need to fire if the picklist value is selected as "unknown" for the field "cx interested?" on lead.  This field has 3 picklist values: Yes/No/unknown. The validation should fire only when the value is selected as "Unknow"
Now pls tell me what changes i need to make in visual force page and java script button.
I want to use like  this formula....Monthly_Common_Bill__c = (Room_cost__c + Net_Bill__c + power_bill__c) / Number_of_peoples__c
where i can put this formula.Actually I Tried This formula
1.at custom field(Monthly_Common_Bill__c), in select formula, select currency as the return type, then in the formula area enter above formula:
2.tried at Validation rule also.
this above twotypes its not working.please give me ur valuable answer.Thanks in Advance....User-added image
Hi all,

We are retrieving details from SF using SOQL and we encountered an issue where the title of the contact is not the same with the SF CRM UI. We are wondering what might be the problem. Thanks in advance