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I'm looking to create a custom journey builder activity which passes the contacts email and region.
This is for a new lead journey and after 30 days we send them a discount code if they aren't converted.

I'm to make so the custom activity:
  1. Get's passed the email and region field, which determines the type of code.
  2. Uses the fields to make an HTTP request to our internal API which will:
    1. Generate a code.
    2. Use the MC API to populate a DE, which will mark it for that specific email.
My question is is there a way of making the activity just run as a step without any front end configuration?
Every example I have found, uses the customActivity.js file to change the parameters passed to the activity endpoint.

And does anyone have an example activity code template besides the first 2 that pop up on google?

This article explains the process exactly, but doesn't provide any examples.

Much appreciated.
Exporting more 50K record information - Out of Box functionality

I have 56K records name in hand, I need to export their repective Record ID and other fields. If I form the SOQL query like the following I will result in QUERY size limit exceeding 20K characters 
SELECT ID,Name from Object__c "WHERE Name IN ('dd',dd',..................) 

Optimizing the IN with batch by batch records is tidious 

Any better out of box functionality to extract 56K records field when you have their name

Thanks in advance