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Hi there

Can someone please tell me how to create this report!?

Having successfully imported the data and created a contacts by Hobbies and Ratings Report I am totally stuck on the Contacts without hobbies Report!! I have created the 2 fields on the account and also the bucket field for the Account Value field no problem but I cannot (1) filter to only view contacts without hobbies (2) create a working % open Ops field.

1 filter to only view contacts without hobbies
I have created a report on the report type: Contacts with Contact Hobbies and Hobby. This will not show reports without hobbies (I get zero results instead of the 10 on the Excel file which I have confirmed are on the system). I have subsequently tried creating a report on the accounts and contacts type but again there is no option to include fields with regards to hobbies so again I cannot filer.
User-added image
2 create a working % open Ops field
I've created a formula field as shown but just get an Error message or a % in the millions.
User-added image
If you can help, please post :-)

Many thanks!!

I am stuck on the R&D superbadge.  I have tried several different things on my contacts without hobbies report and keep getting a report configured incorrectly message.  Here are some screen shots of my report, formula and bucket field.  Please let me know what I am missing.
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image