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Hi guys! 

I am in task of adding/assigning topic/s to specific knowledge article and found out this chatter REST API Topic and Article Assignments 
and looks like this is the one I need? 

Okay, so upon testing and following the steps on this documentation, I encountered an error Response error Invalid value for article topic operation type: AssignTopicsToArticle error 400

Here is my actual url 

https://marvingf-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/services/data/v40.0/connect/communities/0DB7F000000fy3WWAQ/topics/data-category-groups/MarvinGroup/data-categories/Marv Category/articles

https://marvingf-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/services/data/v40.0/connect/communities/0DB7F000000fy3WWAQ/topics/data-category-groups/MarvinGroup/data-categories/Marv Category/articles

and this is my request body
Header: Content-Type = application/json

{ "operation": "AssignTopicsToArticle", "topicNames": ["API", "Chatter REST API", "ConnectApi"] }

Error Response:

[ { "errorCode": "POST_BODY_PARSE_ERROR", "message": "Invalid value for article topic operation type: AssignTopicsToArticle" } ]

I already set up the following; 

* community website
* created a data categories
* Enabled Topics for object

Maybe I forgot to config something? or Is there an alternative ways to assign a topics for specific article using REST API? thanks!




My task is to integrate salesforce with externl website using REST. & they have given me JSON Response code for fields in external website.

I am able to hit the External system URL. I was Struct here...!  and how we can get data from external website & how to code for that...?
Like whenever a user enter their account details in external website, those data should also get into salesforce accounts.

How we can achieve this...?
can anyone help for this scenario...!

  • March 22, 2016
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Hi all,

        I have a custom object?(card)  in salesforce with field (service order) . I would like to get information from oracle db that match this service order.

What approach would be better?
What about service calls?
I am baby on this case of integration?
Can anybody help me?
If i do REST api,
i have some questions.
I could find a blog :-
Can i do something like this?
1. When the call is made to the XML server, is the web browser on the user's PC making the call or is the SalesForce.com server making the call?  
2. Is it makes a difference in how we will need to navigate around the firewall issue?
3. Which is good to use SOAP / REST?
4. What is difference between them?

 Thanks in advance.