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I have a project I am working on which deals with customer community. I am trying to understand how customer contact and accounts should be structured. When Customer creates a login in the community do I need to link it to an existing account or do I need to create a new account for each customer and link contact with the account?

Curently doing the App Development with Salesforce DX / Convert and Deploy an Existing App.

I have the following error when performing the final deployment task :

Error  mdapioutput/applications/DreamInvest.app        DreamInvest    In field: tab - no CustomTab named Fund_Explorer found
Error  mdapioutput/flexipages/Fund_Explorer.flexipage  Fund_Explorer  You must have My Domain deployed to use component c:FundTileList.
Error  mdapioutput/tabs/Fund_Explorer.tab              Fund_Explorer  In field: flexiPage - no FlexiPage named Fund_Explorer found

Do you know why ?




can any body help me on the custom settings


I am having a List Custom Settings, in that i am using the name field for storing some values like A, B, C


I need to display these values using visualforce pages, But I am able to do that with the help of controller as shown below 


public class HierarchyController {     

       public List<samplelist__c> getSampleList(){      

             List<samplelist__c> allSampleList = samplelist__c.getall().values();                

             return allSampleList;    




But without using controller, is it possible to get that custom setting list, of all values directly in the Visualforce page?