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public class MassEmail{
public void show(){
EmailTemplate et=[select id from EmailTemplate where name ='approve loan'];
Messaging.MassEmailMessage email1=new Messaging.MassEmailMessage();
Contact c =[select id,email from Contact limit 60];
List<id>whoids=new List<id>{c.id};
Messaging.Email[] em=new Messaging.Email[]{email1};
This is my code.My intension is to send email to list of contacts.i am getting list of  emails from contacts.While executing the above code i was get issue like "System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject". Can any one find what mistake i have done. 
I am doing Email-Campaigns for all of our clients.
Basicly, the clients are 'Parent' Accounts in SF and we are going to do a mail-merge to all the children Accounts(Contacts of those accounts)  of those clients respectively.
I have some requirements here:

1. We want to send mass emails on-behalf of our client so the sender should be our client's email.
2. We want to track the emails(e.g. how many are opened)
3. We have 50+ clients so we don't want to create SF login for each of them.

How am I able to do this? 
Through API? How can I track email through API?



I have Workflow setup in place which sends out Emails via Email Alerts.

Now the requirement is to track these Emails on a weekly basis either in the form of a report or using APEX Triggers.

Does anyone have any idea? 

Please provide your insights on this one.





  • September 05, 2013
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Requirement I got is like there will be a mass delete on an object based on a condition and I have to export all the values to be deleted in an excel and have to sent it in a mail to an user



can this be implemented, if so plz help me...


Thanks in advance




i have an requirement.in this the job seekers send their resumes to jobs@gmail.com,when a new resume has been received,that corresponding contact details has  to be saved in my saleforce account in contacts, activity history,and then i have to read the attached file and i need to save it in my system.


plz help,


thanks in advance


We will probably not upgrade to SF Professional for several months so I want to have our marketing/sales team start using one of the apps listed in SF appex for email marketing that works stand alone, so then we can keep the same system when we do upgrade.


Also, if you are aware of one of these email marketing systems that also does pre-conversion web activity tracking, that would be good to know. Thanks 

Hi All -


We're currently using Exact Target as our mass email tool and like it.  Considering switching to a product called "Blue Hornet" and wanting to know if anyone has an opinion on how good (or not good) it is.


Thank you.



Hi All,

In my organization events happen several times a week, for each event, we would like to email a predetermined group and notify them about the email. our list consists of just under 1000 People (above the 500 emails salesforce limit).

I would like to choose a program to generate the emails. hopefully, this program would generate a unique tracking link, and also a "SIGN ME UP" unique link, which, once clicked by a contact would automatically add him to the event in salesforce.

Please recommend some email apps / services that would be relevant.


  • November 10, 2008
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