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 Hi all,

i added for my challenge a contact as contact role as described in the challenge (see text below), but when I let the system check if the task is completed correctly.I always get the error: 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'John Smith' contact role for 'Greendot Media' could not be found.​

I don´t understand what I am doing wrong here - while solving the task I followed the description and rechecked with the documentation but I can not find an error.

I would really appreciate help. Thanks.

Your VP just connected you to a new contact, but the contact works with two different companies. To pass this challenge, relate the new contact to the two different accounts. Then, add yourself to the account team. In order to complete this challenge, you need to have Contacts to Multiple Accounts and Account Teams enabled. The Related Contacts and Account Teams related lists must be on the Account page layout. The Related Accounts related list must be on the Contact page layout.

Create an account with the Account Name 'Acme Corporation'.
Create an account with the Account Name 'Greendot Media'.
Create a contact with First Name = 'John', Last Name = 'Smith'. In the Account Name field, enter 'Acme Corporation'.
From the Greendot Media account record, use the Related Contacts related list to add a relationship with John Smith.
Add yourself to the account team for the 'Acme Corporation' account with the Team Role of 'Account Manager'.