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When completing the Hands-on Challenge, and logged into my default Playground, when I attempt to download the Salesforce Adoption Dashboards package, the only options given are to install it in my Production or a Sandbox environment.  I've chosen both, and installed/modified the dashboard as requested, and it worked properly.  However, clicking [Check Challenge] responds with "Challenge Not yet complete ... Could not find a dashboard with a name 'Adoption Features'".  I've confirmed the dashboard is in either/both my organization or sandbox, and is named and working properly.  I CANNOT find a way to install the package into my default Playground, that the tutorial is evidently searching.  Ideas?
Hi All,
I am working with the Create Object-Specific Quick Actions Challenge.

Your brokers want to capture the feedback of their potential buyers after they look at a property. Create a quick action on the event object so brokers can update an event with their notes immediately after a showing. Add the action to the publisher for the Showing layout.
Create a quick action for the event object
Action type: Update a Record
Label: Enter Feedback
Remove all the fields on the page layout except for Name
Put the Feedback field on the page layout
Add the Enter Feedback quick action to the publisher for the Showing Layout. You might have to override the predefined actions in the Salesforce1 section of the publisher.

Error:The 'Name' and 'Feedback' fields either do not appear on the new action page layout or they are not the only fields present.

I tried to put the Feedback field on the page layout but couldn't find it and couldn't create one. But I added the Enter Feedback quick action(with Name Field) to the publisher for the Showing Layout.

Can somebody help me complete the challenge?

In the Data Modeling challenge, "creating relationship to the offer object", I am getting this error: "On the Offer object, add a Master-Detail relationship to the Property object named Property". I and stuck and need a suggestion on what to do.