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Assignment​ ​#1
Usecase​ ​1-​ When a Opportunity is Closed with status ‘Won’’ then the Opportunity product and Quote line item must be synch with each other. Once sync is done, create a Order with proper details from Quote.Create Trigger, ApexClass and Test Class for the usecase.
Assume​ ​: 1. Opportunity is linked to Account and Contact.
2. Every opportunity can have only one quote as ‘Accepted’.
3. Won Opportunity may or may not have quote associated to it.

Assignment​ ​#2

Create the Apex trigger to assign the Branch Code to a Account wither its primary account or a Branch of Primary account. The Branch code will fallow a particular pattern.
The primary account Advanz101 will have a branch code set as 'Ad-1'.
● For every child branch will have branch code as 'Ad-11',Ad-'12','Ad-13' for branch 1,2,3 respectively.
● IF the child branch for branch 1 (Ad-11) has sub child branch then the branch code will be (Ad-111),and second child branch will have (Ad-112)
● Create a Apex trigger on Account which will update the text field Branch code on account depending on Parent account.
I have started using Salesforce in my new company but for now the use is very basic- feeding/pulling out customer database. I want to learn full-fledged Saelsfroce and excel in it, I am from non-developer/non-coding background. I have started learning the Salesforce Admin modules viaTrail Head.
It will be great if somebody can guide me since Salesforce is huge and I want to go step-by-step and learn each and every component of Salesforce applications. What could be the best way? What should I follow excatly?
Thank you
  • January 25, 2017
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Expert Salesforce Training for all roles.:

1) Those who are new to salesforce, we have prepared separate material for them.
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2)we are offering online Salesforce DEV401/ADM 201/ADV DEV 501 training for all roles

3) Certification help: we will help you to get pass Salesforce certification Exam.
Also,Added benefits: Six month extended help if any doubts/clarification
:500 sample set of questions to practice.

Training medium: online .No travel required.
Timing: as per both side convenience.
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I am new to salesforce 501 and i want to know that can some one teach me the 501 i am ready to pay a suitable amount for this

I am a java developer  , my company wants me to learn sales force development get certification , Please advice me   what a java developer needs to do to do catch up with sales force development, I saw the training  documents they are   lot   of documents ,   , what advantage a java developer gets compared to non programmers, from your experience please tell me   how to get a quick understaning of sales force  platform and startup with development ?


Hi i have developed a visualforce page ...and i have defined acommandbutton (New).UP on command button i invoked an action called newrecord().

and code for newrecord() is as follows .


public PageReference newRecord()
PageReference pr = System.Page.caftest6; // or 'new PageReference('url');//

return pr;

and  my command button is as follows. 

<apex:commandButton disabled="{!isNewButtonDisabled}" value="New" action="{!newRecord}" />


Now when ever i click new button its redirected back to d same page...so as u know redirection will take moretime instead of redirection i want to be in d same page but want to define a new mode for d page.so dat wen i click new button standard new button functionality is achieved ..So what i expect is without redirecting to d same page again i want to be in d same pagein new mode.. I have tried it by clearing d fields but den d page is not in new mode.....


   So someone plz help me with an saqmple example of defining new mode for new button instead of redirecting to the same page again...




I am a newbie in this technology, I want to became a Salesforce/force.com Developer, and for that I am started to learning from official Salesforce documentations, But I am just confused where I have to start there are so many things are there and I couldn't find out which thing I have to learn first and then step by step I get proficiency in all modules of Saleforce/force.com. There are various things which I had seen like Objects, classes, Apex, visualforce, SOSL, SOQL, triggers, and many other things, But i am just confused to start from where when I am start to learn anything then I got confused when some other thing will comes in that, like apex comes in the Visualforce, So then I started to learn Apex first then I got anything else, So I am just running here and there to pickup the topics, Please help me that how can I start and then follows all the topics in a step by step manner so I learn everything and no topic will be left.

Please help with me... I am really confused.

Thanks! Elias