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I'd like to set up a more formal testing process for our salesforce instance. We have good code coverage on our Apex tests but I really want to test our functionality end-to-end (such as typical scenarios for certain types of users, that will include testing workflow rules and validation rules) . I could do this via Apex tests but I've got a couple of concerns.

1) Maintainability - as rules are added and removed, this might be hard to maintain.
2) Test run time - this will add a LOT more tests to Salesforce so deployments may take some time. 

I've also looked into Selenium but I don't really need to do UI testing - it's more functional testing and Apex tests will ensure test data is deleted. 

Are there best practices for setting this up? Can anyone point me to documentation on this? 
  • November 06, 2015
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I am working as Quality assurance and looking for an automation testing tool for a web application.


I have tried- Selenium, Sahi and ranorex. All these tools doesnt work on look ups, checkboxes and the fields where id's changes.
In our application we have used javascripts, third party tools (Kendo,RTF Etc)


So Can anyone help me with a automation tool for testing?

does salesforce uses any tool to test the application.- (I need testing tool for Testers)



Awaiting your response.