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Our use case involves connecting to Salesforce via an API call externally (through third party Rackspace hosted servers.) By far the majority of the time this works as expected, but sporadically, the DNS lookup will respond with a SERVFAIL result, indicating the Salesforce DNS servers are either misconfigured or unreachable, and thus the domain will fail to resolve. (Changing nameservers hasn't seen any improvement.)

Additionally, a scan on some Salesforce domains does show a number of configuration warnings: https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=dns%3aeu8.salesforce.com&run=toolpage

There seems to be no pattern in when this occurs - sometimes it may occur several times a day; sometimes it may only occur every few days.

We are not seeing this DNS issue on any other domains - only ever subdomains owned by Salesforce (eg. na4.salesforce.com, eu8.salesforce.com).

Is this a known issue?
When requesting the version of a package that runs, we can use the system.requestVersion() with MinorVersion, MajorVersion and Patch

This last one does not seem to give any other results than null, even in a pach-dev and in a pusched version.

Is there any hidden trick, or is this function not working?
Any help is welcome