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i'm not able stream video in ipad browser. i have tried embedding in vf page, stored in static resource and stored as rich text. Above three methods are not streaming the video in ipad browser. is there any solution to stream video in salesforce in ipad?
I have a lightning datatable as follows. I have given piece of code which I have done.

 <aura:attribute name="mydata" type="Object"/>
 <aura:attribute name="mycolumns" type="List"/>
  <aura:attribute name="openEOBLink" type="String" default=""/>

                             data="{!v.mydata }"
                             coumns="{!v.mycolumns }"


doInit :  function(component, event, helper) {

  bindDatatableColumns : function(component,event,helper){ 
      component.set('v.mycolumns', [
            {   label: 'Version', 
                fieldName: 'Version', 
                type: 'text', 
                cellAttributes: {alignment: 'center'}
                label: 'EOB/EOP',
                fieldName: 'EOBEOP',
                type: 'text',
                cellAttributes: {alignment: 'center'}    

 component.set('v.mydata', [{
                     id: 'a',
                     EOBEOP: component.get("v.openEOBLink")

    component.set("v.openEOBLink",'/lightning/n/GPS_Search_EOB?c__claimId=' + component.get("v.claimId") +
                                           '&c__dateOfService=' +  component.get("v.dateofservice") + 
                                            '&c__memberId=' + component.get("v.memberId") +    
                                            '&c__memberNameforProvider=' + component.get("v.memberName") +
                                            '&c__legalOwnerName=' + component.get("v.ownerName")); 
} //Helper class ends here
I am able to display the datatable values and when I click on EOB link in datatable it will take me to an app Builder page by passing the parameter values.

My requirement is as follows:

a. In datatable column value I want to separate EOB and EOP
    clickable links so when I click EOB link it will navigate to EOB
    appbuilder page similarly when I click EOP link it will navigate to
    EOP app Builder  page.

    I have provided a sample code of app builder page and the
    parameters which I need to pass

 Please help me with correct code how I can achieve my requirement.


I'm possibly a bit too new to coding in Salesforce, so please bear with the newbie, but I am getting an error when trying to create an Apex class that I am really struggling to get beyond, though its probably super-simple (hopefully!).

Here is the code for my class...
public class dynamicaddresslist {
public List<address__c> addressTemp = new List<Address>();
    public dynamicaddresslist()
    public List<SelectOption> addresslist
            addressTemp = [Select Address_Type__c,City__c,Country__c,Postal_Code__c,State__c,Street__c from address__c];
            addresslist = new List<SelectOption>();
            for(address adr : addressTemp)
                addresslist.add(new SelectOption(adr.AddressType, adr.Street__c, adr.City__c, adr.State__c, adr.Postal_Code__c, adr.Country__c));
            return addresslist;

the object that I am hoping to pull the records from is a custom one, titled "Address__c"

Any points in the right direction of where I am going wrong would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am newbie in sales-force and playing with profiles and permission. I have created a user with standard system admin profile and then edited the same profile. I have removed the edit permission of Account site field of Account Object then I have created new account object. I am still able to see Account site field in edit mode. I have also checked at layout and permission where this field has not edit permission. Can anyone please explain why this thing is happening? Thanks in advance.

Hi guys, I have one lightning record form which I am using to create new contact after overriding the contact's New button code below

<aura:component implements="lightning:actionOverride,force:hasRecordId"  access="global" >
    <aura:attribute name="fields"
                    default="['FirstName', 'LastName','AccountId']"/>

    <lightning:card iconName="custom:custom19" title="lightning:recordForm">
        <div class="slds-p-left_large slds-p-right_medium">	
    <!-- Displays toast notifications -->

now I want whenever I create New contact from Account's related list the account should be auto-populated.
how can I do this please help

 User-added image when you click on the new contact from account's related list I want account as auto-populated
User-added image

I want output as this 

User-added imageThanks in advance

            Database.SaveResult[] srList = Database.insert(conList, false);
            integer size=srList.size();
             system.debug('srList size'+size);
               List<Database.SaveResult> Result=srList;
                //Failed Records
                failedconlist=new List<contact>();
                for (Integer i = 0; i<srList.size(); i++) {
                Database.SaveResult s = Result[i];
                contact origRecord = conList[i];
                  // List<Database.Error> err= s.getErrors();
                    ErrorLog__c log=new ErrorLog__c();
                    log.AccountId__c= origRecord.Accountid;
                    for(Database.Error err : s.getErrors()) {
                    // log.ErrorStatusCode__c=err.getStatusCode();   
                    // log.ErrorMessage__c=err.getMessage();
                   // log.ErrorFields__c=err.getFields();

Hello Experts ,
i have batch class which will insert thousand's of records .so if some records fail  i am trying to insert into error log object .
Help Needed :
1.while i am creating these records into custom object i am not able to insert error messages from DataBase.saveresult .
2.After inserting how to re-process them other than manual process .

Below is my sample code :
when i try to assign errormessage or statuscode to text fileds to not allowing .

Please give me some sample code or suggestion .

Thankyou in advance.