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When we use dataloader, after selecting the file, it will ask for a custom mapping where we select the right fields and then load the data.

Is it possible in visual force ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So basically, when we click on select file from a visual force page to bulk load the data, it should ask for custom mapping where we can map the fields and then load the data.

Thanks in advance !

  • September 27, 2018
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I have a custom picklist field on cases. When a specific picklist value is selected, I want to display a VF page on the case page with a specific message "Please do X". 

Any suggestions on how to do this? 

Hi Guys,

We included Inline VF page in custom record page layout, This Vf page is from one of the Manage Package, We don't know about inside calculation but we want to update the same record with VF page displayed value. We can not edit the same VF page due to Manage package. 

We want to write one batch class to update all record but in batch class how we will get value from inline VF page. ? 
We are using Salesforce enterprise account and Currently we are facing an issue on IPv6 network. 

We unable to access or use Salesforce one and native app with our credentials via IPv6 network only. We able to access in IPv4 network, it’s not working in IPv6. 

please suggest us if any configurations to be made on the salesforce org.

Thanks in advance
Hi All,

Need your help. I am trying to create a report where I can show Sales rep Quota Vs Actual. I had put the Quota information on User Object (Q1 Quota, Q2 Quota etc).  I created a summary report to compare their achievements with their Quota, I summarized the Sum of Q3 booked amount and Q3 Goal but when I create a chart, I am only getting one column (either sum of Q3 booked or Q3 Goal) but not both. Can anyone please help me how to get both these data fields?
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Hi All,

I have a custom object A with related list of custom object B.

Object B has a custom read only checkbox field and a custom dropdown field.
I need the system to check the checkbox field only when the user selects a certain value in the dropdown list field while updating or creating record B and at the same time uncheck the checked checkbox field(if any) on any related records of object B for record A.
How can I implement this? Can this be implemented? Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks
  • July 31, 2018
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Our executive director wants to see a list of organizations in a report, with a column showing the date of the most recent "created note". We would also like to see the contents of the note in an organization report.

I'm aware that notes cannot be reported on (exception of "new" note with the SNOTE filter). The content & files report was too basic.

How could I accomplish this?