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Hi everyone,

I have a custom lead and a custom opportunity i created a quick action button lightning component called convert to opportunity. My question is how can i auto populate lead fields when the quick action is performed please send me the code if possible it is helpful....

Hello experts... How to display organization details by using flows? please explain?
Hi Experts,
What will be the test class for following trigger?

trigger UpdateSADeclined on Task (before insert,before update) {

for(Task x: Trigger.new)

If (x.Declined_by__c!=null || x.Date_Time_Declined__c!=null || x.Declined_Reason__c!=null)

 { x.SA_Declined__c=false;

Please help.

Hello everybody,

     I would like to know how do you check the value of a checkbox (isDone__c), whether it is true or false.
     I have tried this: if(isDone__c)  and I am getting the following error: Condition expression must be of type Boolean.

Thanks for any help,



I need to add a custom button on a detail field that create a pdf document using the custom object data

and send a mail using a mail template with the created pdf document in attachement.


Can anyone suggest me how to implement this.