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I am currently using Lightning out to call an app to a Visualforce page. The issue is I am not sure the best way to call js. What is the best way of calling javascript in this situation. 
This is the error I am getting with my code. 

If possible can anyone help. Thank you i n advance

public with sharing class Casenow {
  public string topicPickvalue{get;set;} 
  public list<topic> topicList{get; set;}  
  public list<wrapperclass> wrapperelement_for_cases{get;set;}
  public list<wrapperclass> wrapperelement_for_contact{get;set;}
  public list<wrapperclass> wrapperelement_for_opportunity{get; set;}

    list<cases> object1 = [select id,name from cases limit 10];
    list<contact> object2 = [select id,name from contact limit 10];
    list<opportunity> object3 = [select id, name from opportunity limit 10];
  public list<wrapperclass> getcaseswrapperret(){
    wrapperelement_for_cases = new list<wrapperclass>();
   for(cases obj1: object1){
    wrapperelement_for_cases.add(new wrapperclass(obj1));
   return wrapperelement_for_cases;
 public list<wrapperclass> getcontactwrapperret(){
    wrapperelement_for_contact = new list<wrapperclass>();
   for(contact obj2: object2){
wrapperelement_for_contact.add(new wrapperclass(obj2));
   return wrapperelement_for_contact;
 public list<wrapperclass> getopportunitywrapperret(){
    wrapperelement_for_opportunity = new list<wrapperclass>();
   for(opportunity obj3: object3){
wrapperelement_for_opportunity.add(new wrapperclass(obj3));
   return wrapperelement_for_opportunity;
public class wrapperclass{
public cases object_cases_1{get;set;}
public contact object_contact_2{get;set;}
public opportunity object_opportunity_3{get;set;}
public wrapperclass(cases obj1){
this.object_cases_1 = (obj1);
public wrapperclass(contact obj2){
this.object_contact_2 = (obj2);}

public wrapperclass(opportunity obj3){
this.object_opportunity_3 = (obj3);}    
I have built out a Vf page to display topics in both Lighting and Classic that are under certain objects in salesforce. The issue is I am not sure the best to filter the results that will work in both classic and lightning. I think that Alphabet filter is no longer an option. 

Below is the vf page:

<apex:page controller="AllObjects" extensions="topicControllerfinal">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Topic List">
   <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!listAcc}" var="accountObj"> 
     <apex:column value="{!accountObj.name}"/>
    <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!listCon}" var="contactObj">   
       <apex:column value="{!contactObj.name}"/>  
    <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!listOpp}" var="opportunityObj">   
       <apex:column value="{!opportunityObj.name}"/>  
           <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!TP}" var="TopicAssignments">
           <apex:column value="{!TopicAssignments.topicid}" />
         <apex:column value="{!TopicAssignments.CreatedById}" />
           <apex:column value="{!TopicAssignments.CreatedDate}"/>
             <apex:column value="{!TopicAssignments.EntityType}" />      
What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM content? (2 answers)
a.            Attachments
b.            Chatter files
c.             Libraries
d.            Documents

Hey all,


trying to figure out if there is anywhere out there where someone has made a single pageBlockTable/dataTable (whatever) that combines multiple objects, and uses pagination.


Use case would be something like:

a single list of History type happenings that tracks: new files, new notes, maybe a change in field value here and there - all in one quick list rather that multiples...


Paginaiton would be great if I could use "standardSet Controler" ( http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_custom_list_controller.htm )

  • April 04, 2011
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