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I have created 3 CSV files for given three excel sheet in excel file for contacts, opportunities and hobbies. I have created COntact Hobby and Hobbies as custom Text fields.... I have started importing data in Standard Objects and mapped Name with COntact name and Address details with Account Billing details. I have mapped Hobbies column in CSV file with Contact Hobby in Salesforce in Standard Objects... Once the import is finished, I am able to see everything in the details of contact except Hobby section and COntact Hobby Sectionfields which are blank... Please let me know how to deal with this and have I done the right field type for custom fields..Need your help in importing the data in right way through Data Import wizard...

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Hello There.,

Am getting below error while completing the Marketing Dashboard challenge as part of Superbadge (Reports & Dashboards Specialist); i have also provided the screenshot of what i have completed. Spent couple of hours to understand where its breaking but couldn't get the cause of it. looking forward ..

error:The 'Marketing Manager' dashboard does not have the correct headers and titles for the chart components.

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