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I receive an error when I start the dataflow in the Accelerate Analytics with Apps > Sales Analytics App > Create Sales Analytics Using the Wizard Trailhead. Template used: Sales Analytics 4.0 on Oct 24, 2017.

I am able to create the Sales Analytics app and get to step 12 of the "Sync Analytics Data with Trailhead Data Manager" section of the trail. As the dataflow is running, I recieve the following error when I check my dataflow (screenshot below): 
Something went wrong while executing the Find_Last_Stage_Updates node: Sort dimension/measure not found in Edgemart: Unique_Sort_Key (02K6A0000000fK7UAI_03C6A0000003dhXUAQ)

Sales Analytics App Error after starting Dataflow
Completed the challenge.  Added the notification (see attached image) in the Wave developer org.  It looks like it did not save the first time.  Added the notification a 2nd time, as shown in screen capture. User-added image
​I keep getting

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Top Laptop Industry' lens was not found. Please follow the requirements and ensure everything is setup correctly

I have named the Lens as step 2 - Enter D01 - Laptops Salespeople - Wall of Fame as the title AND/OR result set Top Laptop Industry

Neither seem to work. I have refresed the screen, even cleared cookies and rebooted the computer.