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Hi all, I have below code for lightning component I am showing on home page in LEX. I want to make the feed only for posts from a specific broadcast chatter group, can anyone advise what i need to put in place of HELP to acheive this?

<aura:component description="Updates"
                access="global" >
    <aura:attribute name="headerTitle" type="Aura.Component[]">
            <b>Latest Updates to Salesforce (0)</b>
<lightning:card class="slds-text-heading_small"
        <aura:set attribute="actions">
<forceChatter:feed type="groups"
Hi all,

I am more admin than developer. I have created a broadcast group called Latest Updates, as a way of advising all users on teh smaller evolutions within our org.

I would like to show the feed from this group on everyone's home page.

I have created a VF Page that shows the feed, but it is appearing as classic. Can anyone help with how to make it lightining? I asked SF Support, and they said I can just create a VF Component, and add this to teh page via app builder. So, I have created the component with the code below:

<apex:component >

<apex:includeLightning />
    <h1>Latest Updates</h1>
  <chatter:feed entityid="0F93N0000004D4NSAU"/>

However, when I go to to edit page on home screen, the custom component is not available to select? So I can't check if it works or not.

Can anyone help at all? (Or suggest a better way to show updates on home page? I did think about creating a custom object to do it, but just didn't seem right)
Hi, We use FSL and would like to be able to create a resrouce absence such as a bank holiday, or Xmas, and have a flow or process that would copy this resource absence record to all service resources. 

I have limited developer skills (more point and click adminveloper).

Can anyone help?
Hi all, I currently have a button with teh below code. It is meant to update the expiry date field on CPQ Quote, and then produce a document via template builder which would show the expiry adte. At present though, it seems to add the date after the document, meaning first document has no expiry date, but clicking a second time it does have a date. I'm hoping it's a simple fix for an apex genious out there?



Today I created a custom tab and added a ListView Standard component and used its standard filters.
I updated the package version and it worked correctly but when i try to install the package in the sandbox. It threw the following error: 

Component [flexipage:filterListCard] attribute [filterName]: Error retrieving filter [TodaysTasks] for entity [Task]

Not sure why this is happening being that its a salesforce standard
Hi everyone,

Here is my business requirement:

On the standard Quote object, I have a custom checkbox field called PO_Attached__c. If a File is uploaded to a Quote record, PO_Attached__c should be updated to true. I currently achieve this functionality using the Attachments functionality by use of an Apex trigger.

However, we are now migrating to Files. I have updated my code block as below. It saves fine, but the checkbox is never updated. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance.
trigger quoteAttachment2 on ContentDocumentLink (after insert) {

                        List<Quote> listOfQuote = [select id from Quote where id =: Trigger.New[0].LinkedEntityId];
                                    listOfQuote[0].PO_Attached__c = true;
                                    update listOfQuote;

Hi All.
 I have a workflow which updates Field A to True and I have process Builder to execute when FieldA is true on Same Object .
 I have checked re-evaluate workflow checkbox but still process builder is not executig please let me know if i am doing anything wrong ?


I am working on a project in Trailhead building out the account reassignment flow. I am at the end but have encountered a strange situation. I need to a send-email action but do not have the Quick Action or Static Action elements available in the palette panel. I have a second dev org in which these elements do show up in the palette. I have checked documentation, Googled it, and have check configuration (email deliverability) privileges, etc., can't figure it out stumped. 

Any help, ideas would be great!

Thanks so much!
This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. Action failed: c:LightUIcomponent2$controller$callme [omponent is not defined] Failing descriptor: {c:LightUIcomponent2$controller$callme}
    when i am going to run lighting application i am getting this error 

>>1   Component 

<aura:component >
    <ui:inputText label="Enter Name" placeholder="employee Name" aura:id="name"/>
    <ui:inputText label="My name" aura:id="Myname"/>
    <ui:button label="submit" press="{!c.callme}"/>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2 contoller
    callme :function(component) {
        var name=component.find("name").get("v.value");
                omponent.find("my name").get("v.value",name);

3>>>>>>>>>>>>application 3
<aura:application >

i am learning lighting >.please help me out
When I load any visual flows in my org I get a load error. Most of the time it won't open the flow though sometimes it does get through on the oldest version I have available.

I tried opening a case per the instructions on the error but was bounced to this forum as it's out of scope for standard support. I'm not sure where to look to modify/deactivate/delete the invocable actions that might cause the failure.

Total failure to open

Load failure though successfully opened flow
Is there any way to cutomize classic visualforce page to look like lightning VF page (without to switching to lightning)? 

My requirement is to build a new VF page that is about to be used in salesforce classic but the styling should be like lightning.

I recently refreshed a full sandbox & migrated a changeset that included several process builder flows. I was not able to migrate some of the flows, since they contained event email alerts (separate issue with changeset validation still having this rule); so I need to recreate these flows.

The problem is, in my dev sandbox I was able to select picklist fields for Action Groups & for Immediate Actions; I am also able to do so in production. For some reason, I am not able to select any picklist values, for existing or new Process Builder Flows, in either Action Groups or Immediate Actions.

Anyone had this issue or know how to resolve?
Hi Experts,

How can we achieve the cloning functionality of record by leveraging the Flows instead of apex code on click of Detail page button?




Is it possible to rename the field name in reports? ie, we drag and drop the field and can we have a new name (as display name) for report alone. 




Was wondering if someone has successfully accomplished cloning a quote and the related quote line items?  I need it to create a new quote revision without creating a whole new quote with new quote number...just a new revision number.


I am struggling and thought that this task has probaly been done by someone "out there"...


I appreciate your help!!

  • September 14, 2011
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Hi,  wondered if anyone could help determine why my Return URL is not working on a custom button.
The above related to a new custom object related to the opportunity, on saving I would like it to return back to the opportunity.   I have tried lots of different options, even sending it to an external website to see what happens, but everytime it just takes me to the saved new record.
Is this not possible to do with custom objects, same code "retURL" works on custom event buttons.
Thanks for any assistance