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Thanks to you all for the response in advance,

I am not getting old values in my trigger when i use the trigger.oldMap, instead I am getting new values itself

trigger LP_EventAfterTrigger on Event (After insert,After Update) {
    for(Event evtRec:trigger.new){
        if(trigger.oldMap.get(evtRec.Id).WhoCount !=evtRec.WhoCount){
                  system.debug(evtRec.EventWhoIds+' Difference '+ trigger.oldMap.get(evtRec.Id).EventWhoIds);

can please someone help
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Can't find the forceContent:fileUpload Lightning component in the 'New Lead' flow. Make sure the field’s unique name is 'Upload_File'
Challenge Requirements:
Create a flow:
Name: New Lead
Type: Screen Flow
In the flow, add a screen with these required screen fields.
Last Name
Company Name
In the flow, create a lead record.
Use the screen fields to set the lead’s Last Name and Company.
Store the lead’s ID in a Text variable called leadId.
In the flow, add another screen with a Lightning component screen field.
Name the field Upload_File
Choose the forceContent:fileUpload Lightning component.
Use the leadId variable to set the component's Related Record ID attribute.
Activate the New Lead flow.
Create a new Lightning page:
Type: Home page
Label: Process Automation Home
In Process Automation Home, add a Flow component that references the New Lead flow.
Activate the page and set it as the default Home page.

I did all of this and yet it says it cannot detect force content?User-added image
User-added image