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Hey everyone,

we have a flow which we invoke by a Visualforce page to redirect it to an opportunity record after the flow finishs:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">   
    <flow:interview name="Opportunity__Flow" finishLocation="/{!Opportunity.Id}">
        <apex:param name="recordId" value="{!Opportunity.Id}"/>

Now, this does not work in the Salesforce mobile app. Salesforce hinted me to:

Now my Visualforce page looks like:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">   

    <flow:interview name="Opportunity_Flow" finishLocation="sforce.one.navigateToSObject(\'' + {!Opportunity.Id} + '\')';">
        <apex:param name="recordId" value="{!Opportunity.Id}"/>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function getRecordURL() {
            var recordURL = 'sforce.one.navigateToSObject(\'' + '{!Opportunity.Id}' + '\')';
            return recordURL;

I tried it both as a function and dirctly in the finishLocation-parameter. Both lead to the error:
Invalid Page Redirection
The page you attempted to access has been blocked due to a redirection to an outside website or an improperly coded link or button. Please contact your salesforce.com Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Insufficient Privileges Errors. 

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Does anyone have experience with flow redirections in the Salesforce mobile app? 

Kind regards,

Hello All,
     I'm stuck in the middle of this problem I don't know how check from which source user page extrated. If I open user page first in salesforce classic and after I switch it to Lightning.
Thanks to all of you in advance

Taresh Pandey