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I am stuck at step 8 of Lightning experience rollout specialist superbudge. I am facing this error "Didn't find a Lightning app named Lightning Knowledge.". I have created the lightning app still I am getting this error. Please help.
Has anybody completed challenge 5 in lightning experience superbadge? If yes kindly post the solution of the same.
I'm facing problem in the following section.
Awaiting Approval
If the status changes to awaiting approval and there is a positive discount value, kick off the discount approval process. If no discount is applied, the status updates to Scheduled because no approval is needed when a package is purchased at full price.

It is showing me the following error.
User-added image

Kindly share the solution.
Hi, I am facing below error. Can anyone share what might be the reason for this error, I have created the required public groups and set the security as mentioned in the challenge (screenshots below)
User-added image
I have already created public groups in the Org

User-added image
and set the security requirements
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Has anyone completed this trail? I am stomped on challenge number 3, regarding created the process for fulfillment. Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.
Hello There.,

Am getting below error while completing the Marketing Dashboard challenge as part of Superbadge (Reports & Dashboards Specialist); i have also provided the screenshot of what i have completed. Spent couple of hours to understand where its breaking but couldn't get the cause of it. looking forward ..

error:The 'Marketing Manager' dashboard does not have the correct headers and titles for the chart components.

User-added image