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I have an email template where I'd like to show one of the two possible HTML content.

As an example;
Content 1
<p>I am content 1</p>

Content 2
<p>I am content 2</p>

I'd like to leverage the Opportunity Name to decide which content to display. 

For example:

If Opportunity Name CONTAINS "ABC" then display <p>I am content 1</p> ELSE display <p>I am content 2</p>

As a reminder, I am working with an email template of Custom type.

Thank you!

I'm composing an email template that will have variable text only if the account subtype (custom field) validates against a set value for premium customers. The end results would be something like:
"You are now certified to sell our products and you have access to our premium services."

I have tried every combination of IF and CONTAINS I can think of, defining the premium text as both an inline value and as the contents of a containing tag, including the examples below:
<apex:outputtext value=" and you have access to our premium services" rendered="{!IF(Account.Sub_Type__c == "B2B - Premium Customer")}" />

<apex:outputtext value=" and you have access to our premium services" rendered="{!CONTAINS(Account.Sub_Type__c, "Premium Customer")}" />

<apex:outputtext value=" and you have access to our premium services" rendered="{!IF(CONTAINS(Account.Sub_Type__c, "Premium Customer"), true, false)}" />

<apex:outputtext rendered="{!IF(CONTAINS(Account.Sub_Type__c, "Premium Customer"), true, false)}"> and you have access to our premium services</apex:outputtext>

Is this a syntax issue, is this a problem with outputText? Can I not validate account fields in an email to a contact? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Need formula for pulling CONTACT fields data and mapping it to custom fields in Opportunities


Example: I need the CONTACT address, phone, city, state , fax to populate Matching Custom fields in the Opportunity when I use the a custom Opportunity lookup. So if I use the LOOKUP field and Select a Contact it also populated the address, phone....etc in opportunity.

We've been struggling with getting a zipped static resource to work for weeks now. We got Salesforce Support involved from the beginning, but they've gotten us nowhere. If we can't get a resolution to this issue soon, we might just find a platform that wastes less of our time...


Here is the situation - we are trying to upload a portion of the YUI library as a static resource, but no matter what we try, we can't get the files to render in our VisualForce pages. Salesforce Support can get it to work (sometimes), but we can't. The difference seems to be around the MIME Type that is set when the file is uploaded. When we upload the file, it gets set to a MIME Type of 'application/zip', but when SFDC Support uploads the file, it gets set to a MIME Type of 'application/x-zip-compressed' or 'application/octet-stream'. Salesforce can't explain to us exactly why or how these different MIME Types get set. They're looking into why our uploads don't work, but I'm not expecting much from them at this point.


To reproduce our steps:


Download the file from here after clicking the radio button labeled "Full developer kit":

  1. Download "Full developer kit"
  2. Open zip and remov the documentation and examples folders (to reduce size)
  3. Change file name from "yui_3.0.0.zip" to "yui.zip"
  4. Upload as a static resource named "testyui"
  5. In component "header" (where all other JS files are included) add:
    • <apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.testyui, 'yui/build/yui/yui-min.js')}" />
  6. If we refresh the page we get a 404 error for this resource.
If anyone has experienced a similar issue, any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.