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I am planning to perform a major release to our Production Org very soon using the Change Set mechanism. I want a way to be able to backup (and most importantly restore) the metadata of our Production Org to a particular point-in-time so that if the release to Production 'goes wrong', I can easily 'revert' the metadata back to where it was before the Release.  

Was researching and investigating a way to backup and restore metadata. Evaluated a couple of third party tools, and although they both have the capabilities to backup the metadata at a particular point in time, they BOTH DO NOT offer the capability to RESTORE the METADATA to a target Org to a particular point-in-time.

Both third party backup solution providers recommended I use the Force.com IDE as a method of 'restoring' the metadata, but were not able to give me the exact specifics of how to do this. (As a precaution, I already created a Force.com IDE project mapped to our Production Org, and downloaded ALL metadata on the project, and then backed it up to a secure cloud location)

I really need more specifics of how to easily 'restore' the metadata using Force.com IDE. Failing that, any other 'free' methods(and how to perform the steps) to achieve the same end result would be most welcome! 

Really need an answer asap as this is quite urgent!!