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A developer is creating an enhancement to an application that will allow people to be related to their employer. Which data model provides the simplest solution to meet the requirements?
1. Create a Lookup relationship to indicate that a person has an employer
2. create Master-detail relationship to indicate that a person has an employer
This is one of the exam qns I have seen around that I don't agree with the answers I have seen:
A developer needs to create a visualforce page that displays case data. The page will be used by both support reps and support managers. The support rep profile does not allow visibility of the customer_Satisfaction_c Field, but the support manager profile does. How can the developer create the page to enforce field level security and keep future maintenance to a minimum?

A. Create one visualforce page for use by both profiles

B. Use a custom controller that has the with sharing keywords

C. Use a new support manager permission sets

D. Create a separate visualforce page for each profile

Now everywhere the answer suggested is B. But I am wondering why it is not A? By deafault the standard controller will impose user level sharing (rather than custom's system level sharing). This would also need less maintenance because there is no need to create an extension (with the 'sharing' keyword).

Can someone explain why it can't be A? or confirm it is A? (ofcourse B will also work but it is extra development that, IMHO, is not needed)
HI, i am practicing for Salesforce developer 1.  I came across this question and the answer offered didnt make any sense to me.

The operation manager at a construction company uses a custom object called Machinery to manage the usage and maintenance of its cranes and other machinery. The manager wants to be able to assign machinery to different construction jobs, and track the dates and cost associated with each job. More than one piece of machinery can be assigned to one construction job. What should a developer do to meet these requirements?
  1. Create a lookup field on the machinery object to the construction job object
  2. Create a junction object with Master-Detail Relationship to both the machinery object and the construction job object.
  3. Create a lookup field on the construction job object to the machinery object
  4. Create a Master-Detail lookup field on the machinery object to the construction job object

The answer provided was n.3.  I would have gone with n.2.

Would you be able to help me with this and explain the answer to this by any chance

Many thanks
Hello All

Please tell me correct answers of below question :

Ques:1  A developer needs to display all the available field for an object.
In which two ways can the developer retrieve the available fields if the variable myObject represents name of the object.

Choose 2 answers
Use myObject.sObjectType.getDescribe().fieldSet() to return a set of fields
Use SObjectType.myObject.fields.getMap() to return a map of fields
Use Schema.describeSObjects( new string[][myObject])[0].fields.getMap() to return a map of fields
Use getGlobalDescribe().get(myObject).getDescribe().fields.getMap() to return a map of fields

Ques2: What are the two features of Heroku connect?
Choose 2 answers
Near real time sync between Heroku postgres and Salesforce
Bidirectional syncs, allowing data to be written into salesforce(right)
Realtime sync between salesforce and postgres
Displaying data from an external data store vs external objects

 Thanks in advance.