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Hi I want to count number of related contacts related to client name (accounts). Client name is lookup in assets. I have asset number only and I want to count the number of users from related contacts ? Please advice the SOQL query and also advice how to show the count in Salesforce reports.
Hi, My requirement is on a custom Case list selected from The Case filter a page must be loaded. The page is similar to all cases filtered by case owner alias. In that page, I must have a dropdown near New Case. Based on selection in dropdown i see different set of records in the list. How to achieve this?
Hi All,
        Can Anyone Provide me the Apex codes for the above winter 19 pd1 maintainces badge exam.......

Thanks in advance.....................
  • January 21, 2019
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Getting this error when I try to add my Towermaps to a new app builder page:
User-added image

Here are the codes I have based on the trailhead exercise:

public inherited sharing class TowerMapUtilClass {
     public static List<sObject> queryObjects(String theObject, List<String> theFields, String theFilter, String sortField, String sortOrder) {
          String theQuery = 'SELECT ' + string.join(theFields, ',');
          theQuery += ' FROM ' + theObject;
          if(!String.isEmpty(theFilter)) {
               theQuery += ' WHERE ' + theFilter;
          if(!String.isEmpty(sortField)) {
               theQuery += ' ORDER BY ' + sortField;
               if(!String.isEmpty(sortOrder)) {
                    theQuery += ' ' + sortOrder;
          return database.query(theQuery);

public inherited sharing class TowerMapControllerClass {
     public static List<Tower__c> getAllTowers() {
          String theObject = 'Tower__c';
          List<String> theFields = new List<String>{'Id', 'Name', 'State__r.Name', 'Tower_Location__Latitude__s', 'Tower_Location__Longitude__s'};
          String theFilter = '';
          String sortField = 'Name';
          String sortOrder = 'ASC';
          List<Tower__c> allTowers = TowerMapUtilClass.queryObjects(theObject, theFields, theFilter, sortField, sortOrder);
          return allTowers;
<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes" controller="TowerMapControllerClass" access="global" >
     <aura:attribute name="mapMarkers" type="Object" access="PRIVATE" />
     <aura:attribute name="markersTitle" type="String" access="PRIVATE" />
     <aura:handler name="init" value="{!this}" action="{!c.handleInit}"/>
     <aura:if isTrue="{!!empty(v.mapMarkers)}" >
          <lightning:map mapMarkers="{!v.mapMarkers}" markersTitle="{!v.markersTitle}" zoomLevel="5"/>

Towermap Controller:
     handleInit: function (component, event, helper) {
          helper.initHelper(component, event, helper);
Towermap Helper:
     initHelper : function(component, event, helper) {
          helper.utilSetMarkers(component, event, helper);
     utilSetMarkers : function(component, event, helper) {
          let action = component.get("c.getAllTowers");
          action.setCallback(this, function(response) {
               const data = response.getReturnValue();
               const dataSize = data.length;
               let markers = [];
               for(let i=0; i < dataSize; i += 1) {
                    const Tower = data[i];
                        'location': {
                             'Latitude' : Tower.Tower_Location__Latitude__s,
                             'Longitude' : Tower.Tower_Location__Longitude__s
                        'icon': 'utility:Tower',
                        'title' : Tower.Name,
                        'description' : Tower.Name + ' Tower Location at ' + Tower.State__r.Name
               component.set('v.markersTitle', 'Out and About Communications Tower Locations');
               component.set('v.mapMarkers', markers);

I also created the cutom object Tower.

Anyone know where my break is?


I had my actual Gmail on Webassessor.com. I am doing Trailhead using Myname@companyname.com(not Actual email just a login name). But I verified Myname@companyname.com account using actual Gmail id(Which  I use on Webassessor).  So, I have question

1. Whatever I will complete on  Myname@companyname.com trailhead then It must show on my webassessor account then What I have to do.
2. Before using Myname@companyname account, I had done many badges using an old Email address which is not exist so can I merge that account on here.