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This field then needs to display as a merge field on an Opportunity Email Template.

E.g. opp 1 - total order amount (across 2 orders in this FY) = $3000
        opp 2 - total order amount (across 1 order in this FY) = $1000
       Field should display $4000 as it's look across all orders for the whole Organisation.

 Also, how do I set the formula up so that it will only display the correct detail for this FY and how do I set it up for subsequent FYs, or will the formula have be changed each year?


I am rolling out Lightning Experience to everyone in my organization and I am concerned about the lack of standard buttonds in the List View Search Layout for Leads.

One of the Standard buttons that is used very often in Classic is the "Change Owner" button.  Even though the checkbox is checked in this view, I am not seeing it on my Leads page in Lightning.

These are the buttons I have enabled in the Setup > Object manager > Leads > Search Layout > List View (you can see that "Change Owner" is checked.)

User-added image

And yet the Change Owner button does not appear on the Lightning page:
User-added image
I know it is possible because I have seen it in the release notes: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/winter_17/winter_17_sales
User-added image
What can I do to add the "Change Owner" feature back into the Leads List View?