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I am facing the check challenge button loading issue since morning. i have completed my challenge and when i click the check challenge it is just loading and doing nothing. This is happening for all the modules and badges. Please help
Below is the screenshot:
User-added image

When I click on "Check Challenge" I get below error :
Looks like we're having issues, please try again. If this issue persists, please contact us using the submit feedback section on the sidebar.
Dear All,

Here i have the requirement to use FTP server in salesforce..

-- we have one external system and data inserted into it day by day
-- after that at the end of the day one file(.csv) automatically generated to that external system
-- How can i access of that file(.csv) from external system in salesforce using FTP server
-- after having that file's data i need to insert that data automatically(scheduled) in salesforce which is coming from external system

How can i achieve this ?

Please suggest the way..

i have created
1.AnimalLocator User-added image

User-added image


User-added image

error i am getting

User-added image

please help me