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I have the following validation rule written thus far to use a Vlookup on a custom object to verify that another record has not been created with the same name


        Name = VLOOKUP        
            $ObjectType.Finale_Asset__c.Fields.Name, Name ),
         ( $ObjectType.Finale_Asset__c.Fields.Id ,$ObjectType.Finale_Asset__c.Fields.Name, Name )))


This indexes against all other Finale Assets to confirm the name is not the same and then does a check to make sure that it is not producing an error message because it found itself.


I need to expand this to include another field, a picklist with different asset types.


Ultimately the rule should work as follows.


An individual can not create a new record with the same name and type as an existing record.  A record can have the same name and a different type.

We could have Name = Doc A  Type = Document and Name = Doc A Type = Rule but not


Name = Doc A Type = Document and Name = Doc A  Type = Document.


Can anybody provide some assistance in getting the picklist portion of the rule included in this validation rule.  Where I'm coming across trouble is becuase it is a picklist, there is a limited number of formulas to try and work around this with, since we can't do another VLOOKUP against a picklist.