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I have an issue executing a report from Apex. I am getting the Fatal Error "Too many query rows: 50001" when I execute the method "Reports.ReportManager.runReport(reportId, reportMetadata, includeDetails)".

The report returns 13.000 contacts, but when I execute it from apex, it only return the first 2,000 contacts. To get all the records y execute the same report adding a new filter to exclude the contacts I already got adding "Reports.ReportFilter('Contact.Id', 'greaterThan', lastContactId);"

So if the report must return 13,000 records, I will have to run the report 8 times. Every time I run the report I consult the limits and I always get 3 in "Limits.getQueryRows()", but when is executing the report for 5th time I get this exception "System.LimitException: reports:Too many query rows: 50001"

My conclusion is that as the report has 13,000 records, it adds to the limit 13,000 records to the limit everytime the report is executed, so if the report has 50,000 record I will not be able to execute the report not eve once. But if I check the limit with "Limits.getQueryRows()" I will always get 3 records, and never 50,001.

Can anyone help me with this issue? Has anyone launched a report with more than 50,000 records from apex?

Thank you