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Hi All,
I am attempting to create a pop up message on the Cases page for my community portal to prompt the users to call our support line if the issue they have submitted has been calculated as a "P1". i have attempted a few times but my coding skills are not where they need to be yet as apex is new for me. the field that i have created that it would need to trigger off of is a custom formula field Called "P1_Ticket__C" it is a boolean field and if it is checked i would like it to generate a pop up message that does not stop the user from saving teh record only to remind them to call our support number.

if someone can help me out wiht the code for this it would be super helpful.


I am trying to deploy a Change Set from my Sandbox to PROD Org however when I select to "Upload" the Change Set I receive the following error:
"This organization isn't authorized to upload change sets to other organizations. For authorization, contact the deployment connections administrators on the organizations where you want to upload changes.".

My profile is set up as a System Administrator for my Org.

Is anyone able to assist?

I have a process builder that is creating detail records and populating a few fields on creation. I also have an after insert trigger that is firing based on one of the fields that is populated during the record creation in the process builder.  Both function perfectly independently but when a record is created through the process builder that should fire the trigger it does not.  Any ideas or resources would be greatly appreciated since I'm new to triggers?