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I have a staff contact record type which has a lookup field to their user record / profile.
On this contact record, it contains fields detailing personal staff information on their role and team.
Below this information, this contact record also contains multiple related lists where they are connected to other custom object records.

What I am trying to achieve is to create two custom visualforce tabs to split the contact record view: "My Profile" and "My Records"
My Profile tab would take the logged in user's contact record as input and display only the fields, NOT the related lists
My Records tab would display all the related lists on the logged in user's contact record and NOT their personal information contained in the fields.

Is anyone able to provide an outline of how I could go about achieving this?   

Any help or suggestions would be seriously appreciated. Many thanks.
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I'm trying to create a formula field as Text using HYPERLINK to grab the relative Salesforce URL & object & record ID and then append the name of the custom text field I have created, called Anchor1__c. The idea is that I drop these blank custom anchor fields at the top of page sections, then a user could click this link at the top of a record page and quickly jump to the relavant section.

In theory, this "should" work but I've not been able to get the link to do what I want. Is this even possible o ris there a better way?
I should mention that I am very new to writing formulas, and this was based on some other posts I had read. It doesn't work.
HYPERLINK("/ ID" + anchor1__c, "Go to section 1", '_self')
Many thanks,



I have a custom object which has a status field picklist. This custom object contains records about role applications and is therefore linked to a contact record. I'm trying to determine If I can setup a workflow rule on this custom object, based on the criteria of the status field, in order to update the Profile picklist on the User object.

First I''m trying to determine if this is even possible - that is to update a user record in the User Object via workflow from a custom object? I've read mixed answers to this question. If it is possible, would you be able to make any recommendations for the simplest solution to implement?

The problem I'm facing is that a custom activate button on our custom object, produces a javascript error because the user's commuinity login profile has not been definined first in the User object.

As we have different user types, it is not a good idea for us to set a default global profile type on the user object, so a workflow rule is required.

I hope that all makes sense. Please let me know if you want me to make anything clearer.

Many thanks. 
Hello All,
I am stuck in below trailhead chanllange. Please help me.

Using the Contact standard controller, create a Visualforce page which displays a Contact's First Name, Last Name and the Email address of the Contact's Owner.The page must be named 'ContactView'.
It must reference the Contact standard controller.
It should include a bound variable that uses the standard controller to display the first name of the Contact.
It should include a bound variable that uses the standard controller to display the last name of the Contact.
It should include a bound variable that uses the standard controller to display the Contact Owner's email.

I am getting below error..
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The page does not include a bound first name variable for the Contact record
Please refer below screenshot for vf code.
User-added image