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While going thru Trailhead and learning many things, I decided to put together my own version of yet another Trailhead Leader board. I've fleshed out an example that keeps track of Name, ID, Badges, Superbadges, Comm Badges and Total Points. Sorting, ID validation are also being done. I did all of this for my own edification and learning to better reinforce the skills that Trailhead provided me. Trailhead is really quite amazing

Link to Dev Org Public Site: http://trailhead-leaderboard-developer-edition.na35.force.com

This App is one VisualSource Page and Apex controller running as a Public Site. Refresh occurs periodically from a .Net Web App using the Partner WSDL API

I'm hoping to move all of that over to Apex once I figure out a bunch of things. I see some other suggestions about dates. It would be nice to incorporate that also. I'm sure that something like this could be incorporated into Salesforce Orgs for folks to keep track of training of their employees with Trailhead. Part of the loader I've built using the Partner WSDL scans thru all of the badges of a profile and can load them into the Org somewhere.