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We have below requirement for live agent.

1.    We have two sets of live agents, based on skill/queue/button.
2.    The initial chat should be routed to first set of users from skill/queue/button.
3.    When the initial routed chat was not acknowledged by first set of users, the chat should be routed automatically to the second set of users.
4.    Also, if routed chat was not acknowledged by second set of users, the chat should be routed automatically to the first set of users.

We have tried to route the chat from first set of users to another using Mulesoft, but we do not have any method which provides the data (when all agents in a button is on their full capacity) for triggering chat routing.

Please Note:- 1. In our project, Salesforce organization is linked to .net mobile application (where chats initiation happens) via Mulesoft as the middleware.
                       2. We are not using “Omni Channel” for routing, reason behind it won’t help for live agent(https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000320725&language=en_US&type=1&mode=1).

Please provide your thoughts on possible solution design.
AverageCapacity and IsCurrentState in the object - UserServicePresence provide the information related to Users Status
Hi All,

We have implemented Omni-Pesence for the Live Agent
Using Omni Presence can we get the information of agent who is online at one particular time by follwing the below steps,
  1. Enable Omni Channel
  2. Set the Statuses for OMNI Presence related to Live Agent Status
  3. Set user who will be assigned to use OMNI Channel 
  4. Using Workbench, monitor UserServicePresence Object while changing the presence of the user to different service presence and monitor each field in the object to capture any field value that are changed.
  5. Set user to be available for chat and initiate Live Agent chat. Please monitor what value are changed in the UserServicePresence object for that user.
  6. Similar to item 5, but do it for AgentWork object.
i'm not aware of the objects - UserServicePresence and AgentWork.

Help me in understanding the status change through the above mentioned objects fields.


Consider two objects A and B..
B is in the related list of A. 
Assume that there is a record in object B is created with Name (ABC).
So whenever another record is created on object B with Name other than (ABC), i want to delete the record named (ABC).

Could you assist me on setting up this configuration.

Many Thanks !