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Hi all,
The question is
Install an AppExchange dashboard package and make updates to one of the dashboards.
You’ve been asked to create a new Lead trending dashboard. Rather than creating the dashboard from scratch, install a CRM adoption dashboard package from the AppExchange into your Developer Edition environment and update one of the dashboard components as specified below. (Note: While it's a best practice to always clone a dashboard before you modify it, for this example, you can go ahead and modify the dashboard directly).
Install Salesforce Adoption Dashboards from the AppExchange into your Developer Edition.
Refresh the '3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption' dashboard in the 'Salesforce Adoption Dashboards' folder at least once.
In '3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption' dashboard, change the dashboard component for 'New LEAD Trend by Source' to a pie chart and set the wedges to Lead Source.

The thing that I did:
User-added image

The Error I am getting:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'LEAD Trend by Source' dashboard component is not a pie chart.

With Regards,

I enabled Feed Traking for dashboards. However, when I hover over dashboard, I only see "Click to go to full report".
How could I post a dashboard snapshot to Chatter? The documentation is very poor.

I'm getting the error of "The dashboard snapshot post to Chatter was not found."   I am attaching a screenshot of my snapshot post on Chatter.Screenshot of snapshot post on Chatter

I enabled feed tracking by customizing Chatter for the dashboard and the report.  I also followed the dashboard by clicking on FOLLOW at the top of the dashboard page displaying my Opporty's by Type dashboard page.  I also shared it to all of my followers.

What am I doing wrong?