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Hi, I tried many solution for change the extension from .nsf file to .mbox file but not found any perfect solution.
So please provide the best solution.
I have Payment data(created before 1 year) for Account which will be outside salesforce and fresh payment data will be in salesforce. Now for reporting purpose, i am adding historical data from CSV into wave analytics and current data from salesforce directly through dats set.

While creating Dataset receipt, i have to append CSV data rows into salesforce dataset. The only thing which i am able to find out is connecting and merge data from both sources in single row, but i am not able to find how to append rows in next, as for both datasets DDL is different so i cannot map them into single JSON.

Validation Rule to restrict user from creating new record on the "XYZ" Standard object.
 (only for "Overtime" record type) that "Start Time" field(Date/Time) cannot be less than 4pm and "End Time" field(Date/Time) cannot be more than 8pm on the same day.

I tried to write it from my way but It's not workking as expected.
The validation rule I have written is:

AND(ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName ='Overtime', VALUE( MID( TEXT( Start - 5.5 ), 12, 2 ) ) < 16,VALUE( MID( TEXT( End- 5.5 ), 12, 2 ) ) > 20, DATEVALUE(Start)  =  TODAY() 

Can anybody help me to solve this?



I am having 'AccountMergeController' apex class in develoer sandbox and have deployed to Fullcopy sandbox. And in developer sandox i have added some logic to the controller and deployed again to fullcopy.

In this deployement will the controller in fullcopy get override with the controller in Developer sandbox? or another calss will create?

Balaji A