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Module "Build an Automated Workshop Management System" - Part 3 : Automate Post-Workshop Tasks with Invocable Apex
My campaign is completed. The badge has been published to Chatter.
However, the message error pops up :"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Could not update a Campaign as "Completed"."

What can be wrong ?
I am in the last action where the process builder calls the invocable apex class. When i look for the class it appears with the LabelName
 'Give a Thanks Badge' and the lookups do not show up on the Giver Id and Receiver Id fields. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?
User-added image
If i put the apex class name as is shown in the trail it still does not find the Giver Id and Receiver Id values. My apex code has an active status.
User-added image
Thank you.
I am working on a Trailhead Challenge and receive this error when I execute.

User-added image

Create an Apex class that returns contacts based on incoming parameters.

For this challenge, you will need to create a class that has a method accepting two strings. The method searches for contacts that have a last name matching the first string and a mailing postal code (API name: MailingPostalCode) matching the second. It gets the ID and Name of those contacts and returns them.The Apex class must be called 'ContactSearch' and be in the public scope.
The Apex class must have a public static method called 'searchForContacts'.
The 'searchForContacts' method must accept two incoming strings as parameters, find any contact that has a last name matching the first, and mailing postal code matching the second string. The method should return a list of Contact records with at least the ID and Name fields.
The return type for 'searchForContacts' must be 'List<Contact>'.

Here's my code:

User-added image

Can someone assist me? Please.

Thank you,