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Hi Folks, 
I need to export Salesforce Data to FTP Server in Schedule and Real time manner. 
But except Dataloader.io.
Please advise

  • February 16, 2018
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I have trying to find an option in Salesforce that I could schedule a time on a daily basis to import/update data from Microsoft SQL Server to Salesforce.
Is there any tool inside Salesforce?
If I use SSIS package, I am afraid that I need to host a server.
I am trying to utilize as much as possible at Salesforce instead of using other third-party tool or host a sever.
Thanks in advance.
Dear All,

Here i have the requirement to use FTP server in salesforce..

-- we have one external system and data inserted into it day by day
-- after that at the end of the day one file(.csv) automatically generated to that external system
-- How can i access of that file(.csv) from external system in salesforce using FTP server
-- after having that file's data i need to insert that data automatically(scheduled) in salesforce which is coming from external system

How can i achieve this ?

Please suggest the way..

How can i access Shopify Services API in Salesforce. And how can i get Shopify EndPoint URL .
I have a scenario, where, I will connect with a FTP server from sfdc and read a csv file, the update/insert a salesforce object with csv data.
This action will perforn hourly basis. I can not use Dataloader as for that I have to install dataloader in to FTP server (I dont have permission to do so).

Can any one help me withe workarround.

I do not know, if I can use external object or odata connection for this or if there are any connector with will be installed in the org and can be scheduled

Thanks in advance
I need to develop an Apex script to backup all the database data every day. Is there an optimal way to do that? What could be needed to be done if pictures or pdf files are saved in the database?

Thanks in Advance
Hi All,

Thanks in Advance for any help for the below businees requirement.
My Req is : Need to access the doc (.csv) file in SFTP server via Salesforce and store the retrieved doc in Salesforce's out of the box "Documents" object and need to schedule this process on a weekly basis and atutomate this process.

Hi developers,
Iam just wondering, 
Is it possible to sync the leads of marketo as contacts into salesforce? what are the challenges may come with this approach?

Hi All

Can any body tell me how to connect FTP server to SFDC Organization using integration

I want to transfer my files stored in ftp server to salesforce. Can anyone suggest me a easy way to implement this.

I tried it with Jitterbit, but JitterBit throws an error of "Host not found". So is there any other way to achieve the same.

Hoping to get good suggesstions. :) :)

Hello All,
How to export data from salesforce to ftp on daily basis and 
 also import data from ftp to salesforce?

Very urgent please help me..

Thanks & Regards,
I have an task in which we have to integrate with the intranet ftp server. so we can store and retrive the data files from ftp server.

Does any one have any idea regarding the same. How can we ingrate the salesforce org with ftp server. 

Any  help will be appreciated. 

Thanks to all in advance :)
Hi All, does anyone know if it’s at all possible to maintain real-time (LIVE) data from Saleforce into SQL Server (similar to SQL DB Mirroring) in order for us to run accurate SSRS reports?

We currently use DBamp to regularly pull down the data from Salesforce into SQL Server however our use case is to provide a real-time data service outside of Salesforce.



Can you please help me with this?


How to save the scheduled reports and save the csv file on to an FTP site from salesforce?


Please let me know in detail.





I have a requirement to post  some data from SFDC to Secure FTP Server. if anybody have the idea about this please let me know.


Thanks In Advance






i want to know the detail information of salesforce data Backup.





I want to transfer all my data from Quickbooks into Salesforce. Can anyone provide me  ways for doing this?


Thank You.

  • February 12, 2010
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We have a to automate one of the data extract report which is being done manually by the user. 

we are looking for is to schedule the report and send the extract as a delimited file to a pre-defined FTP location and/or email address


How to implement it in salesforce.

could any body can suggest it.

The sample code will really do a great help.


Thanks in Advance