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Does anyone know of a way to use a different field to calculate the "Amount" for forecasting?  Currently the Amount pulls from the product totals, but we use a different field for our Totals vs Quota.  We use the Annual Recurring Revenue total, which is generally the product totals * 12.  I tried to create a Process Builder that updates the Amount field whenever the opportunity record updates, but it doesn't work.  Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a new way to calculate opportunity Amount field. My company doesn't just sell products. We also provide leases for those products and take payments on them. We calcualte out the lease through different fields and factors, then have workflows update the amount field with our leasing totals which works fine. The problem I'm running into is if we have an Opportunity where the client both purchases and leases different products. Our workflow doesn't update the amount field when products are associated with the opportunity.


I was looking for a way to override the amount field so our company could use the forecasting features of Salesforce. Is there any solutions to what I'm trying to do out there?


Any help would be great ... thanks!

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