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Hi Guys,

I spent few hours on this including searching forums and I can't seem to find asnwer.

We've got a third party app that we're running on Heroku. We've successfully implemented both web-based token oAuth 2.0 and tested with our scratch org. OAuth flows require to provide "client_id" & "client_secret" (when requesting access token). Now I'm preparing it as package so it can be within the "App Exchange".

I've following questions:
- Once the user installs the app from the App Exchange & connected app is set-up in their org. Do I've to create post install script to send me client_id / client_secret so I'm able to implement oAuth? Is that the only way?

- Is there way to implement "Login With SalesForce" so when user goes to our site they can click it to login into our 3rd party app. Additionally, If their instance have not yet been set-up for app I can tell and redirect them to app exchange. How would I implement this if I don't know client_id which I need for oAuth?

Challenge Requirements:
Create a flow:
Name: New Lead
Type: Screen Flow
In the flow, add a screen with these required screen fields.
Last Name
Company Name
In the flow, create a lead record.
Use the screen fields to set the lead’s Last Name and Company.
Store the lead’s ID in a Text variable called leadId.
In the flow, add another screen with a Lightning component screen field.
Name the field Upload_File
Choose the forceContent:fileUpload Lightning component.
Use the leadId variable to set the component's Related Record ID attribute.
Activate the New Lead flow.
Create a new Lightning page:
Type: Home page
Label: Process Automation Home
In Process Automation Home, add a Flow component that references the New Lead flow.
Activate the page and set it as the default Home page.

I did all of this and yet it says it cannot detect force content?User-added image
User-added image