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Just in case this helps somebody! It tooks quite a bit of time to track this issue down.

We've had an issue with the sfdx force:data:tree:import command failing with a MALFORMED_ID message when trying to resolve references during data imports.   It turns out the issue was realated to our namespace, which has numbers in it, which the sfdx tool didn't handle.  
An example is :-

        "sobject": "i42as__testParent",
        "saveRefs": true,
        "files": [
        "sobject": "i42as__testChild",
        "resolveRefs": true,
        "files": [

    "records": [
            "attributes": {
                "type": "i42as__testParent__c",
                "referenceId": "parentRef1"
            "i42as__Message": "Hello"

    "records": [{
        "attributes": {
            "type": "i42as__testChild__c",
            "referenceId": "testChildRef1"
        "i42as__parent__c": "@parentRef1"

When run with the following command, this returns an error.  
sfdx  force:data:tree:import --plan plan.json

STATUSCODE    MESSAGE                                                                    FIELDS
────────────  ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────  ───────────────────────────
MALFORMED_ID  Object: id value of incorrect type: @parentRef1  i42as__parent__c
=== testChildRef1 [1]

In turns out this was an error in the salesforce-alm library, the regex used to look for the @parentRef1 replacement was not expecting a number in the namespace.  I've managed to work around the issue by changing the file .local/share/sfdx/client/node_modules/salesforce-alm/dist/lib/data/dataImportApi.js as follows;-
const jsonRefRegex = /[.]*["|'][A-Z_]*["|'][ ]*:[ ]*["|']@([A-Z0-9_]*)["|'][.]*/igm;
const jsonRefRegex = /[.]*["|'][0-9A-Z_]*["|'][ ]*:[ ]*["|']@([A-Z0-9_]*)["|'][.]*/igm;

Hi Experts,

I need some assitance with a date formula. I trying to calculate the number of months left between two dates, start and end date. I currently have the folloiwng formula:

(Custom_End_Date__c - today ())/30

Which will give me the number of days left and if I divide the number by 30 and I should get the numbner of months. Unfortunately I am short by one month. For example if I have a end date of 12/01/2015 minus today, 30 July, would give me 124 days. If I divide that by 30 I get 4 months, or more exactly 4.13 months. But from July to Dec is 5 months.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys,
We just created a library named R.apex, which helps simplify the common tasks in apex code development by adopting a functional style.
It offers tons of utility functions to work with lists, sets, maps and sobjects, making apex code clean and readable. We were suffering from the pain points of writing similar Apex code to complete trivial tasks once and once again, and that is the reason why we want to stop that and start to write reusable code. Here are some examples of what R.apex can do:
// Reverse a list
List<Integer> reversedList = R.of(new List<Integer>{ 1, 2, 3 })
// Fina specific account
List<Account> accountList = ...;
Account acc = (Account)R.of(accountList)
    .find(R.whereEq.apply(new Map<String, Object>{
        'LastName' => 'Wilson',
        'IsDeleted' => false

Hopefully R.apex can help make your Apex code development easier, and you are always welcome to give feedback so that we can improve it.

R.apex is an open source project hosted at https://github.com/Click-to-Cloud/R.apex/.
You can check it out. Feel free to clone it, make changes or submit a PR.