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I cannot figure out why I am getting this error, though I do know that the source is the highlighted generate  clause.  The query works fine without it, but throws the error with it.   (SAQL text below) 
User-added image

Open = load "opportunity";
Open = filter Open by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Open = filter Open by 'IsClosed' == "false";
Open = foreach Open generate sum('Amount') as 'sum_Amount','CreatedDate_Year' as 'CreatedDate_Year','CreatedDate_Year'+"-"+'CreatedDate_Week'as 'Year_Week';
Won = load "opportunity";
Won = filter Won by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Won = filter Won by 'IsWon' == "true";
Won = group Won by ('CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week') ;
Won = foreach Won generate 'CloseDate_Year' as 'CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week' as 'CloseDate_Week','CloseDate_Year'+"-"+'CloseDate_Week' as 'Year_Week', sum('Amount') as 'sum_Close';
Won = limit Won 2000;
weekgroup = cogroup Open by 'Year_Week' left, Won by 'Year_Week';
Results = foreach weekgroup generate 'Year_Week' as 'Calendar Week', coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) as 'sum_Amount_Closed', coalesce(coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) / sum(Open['sum_Amount']), 0) as 'Percent_Conversion',sum(Open['sum_Amount']) as 'Total Open';
We have created a Data set and lens in wave analytics
The requirement is to view all records in lens in wave. When we click on "View Data Table".
There is limit for 100 records. Is there any way to increase the Record count or its an platform limitation?
  • June 30, 2015
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Can any one explain me abou get and set methods in apex?


give a samplel program to understand these methods?