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What if the user deletes the scheduled jobs that runs daily.Will it run for the next day?

(or) the suer has to start the job again to get run for the future dates?
I am trying to set up a process to insert/update records on  a monthly bases from an Excel file.

Here is data I am trying to insert/update every month
User-added image

The fields that are underlined are the keys fields but the file being imported may have duplicates Claim Nos.
The Case object is the main record.  
There will be a single contact associated to each Case
There can be multiple Custom object records associated to the Case.

I thought to use Jitterbit at first but I do not think that is possible.
So I am not sure how to approach this.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

In compliance with GDPR, we have implemented a process to delete all the user information from the database. After deleting the data we send a final email to the requester informing the actions taken. However, the final email message stays in the database and has the email address of the recipient. How can we delete the email after it is sent? 

Here is the code which sends the confirmation email. 
public void SendConfirmationEmailMessage(Contact_Preference__c cp){
        Messaging.SingleEmailMessage message = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
        message.toAddresses = new String[] { cp.Email__c };
        message.setSubject('Data Deletion Confirmation Email');
        message.setHtmlBody(Messaging.renderStoredEmailTemplate('00X1W000001USk9', null, cp.id).getHTMLBody());
     Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] messages =  
            new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> {message};

     Messaging.SendEmailResult[] results = Messaging.sendEmail(messages);
        if (results[0].success) {
            System.debug('The email was sent successfully.');
        } else {
            System.debug('The email failed to send: '
                  + results[0].errors[0].message);


Hello everyone,

For the GDPR we tried creating in our company a Workflow that triggers when a new contact is created and sends an email to the contact person informing him his data will be saved in our system. If the email is successfully sent a field from the Contact person should be updated.
But the Bounce management is not working when the email is sent from the Workflow so we don't know how to check if the email was successfully sent or bounced.
Can you please help with suggesting a different sollution? How can be this situation be handled differently? What sollution did you choose to implement in our side?
I need to be able to sum or add a custome object of the same type which isn't a master object. Is there anyway to do this?

I'm having trouble removing some Apex classes from production through Eclipse.  I've changed the status to 'deleted', but when I validate the deploy to server, I'm receiving an error: Problem: The page you have tried to delete is currently being referenced by a page, custom link, button, web tab, dashboard, SoftPhone layout or custom sidebar component. Please delete the reference before deleting the page.

I checked the page in Production and it looks like it is being referenced by these 2 apex classes that I deleted in Eclipse.  Not sure where to go from here.

Hi there, as of today I'm getting an error when I open the developer console from our FullSB. I get the message "Error loading the Developer Console configuration". I can't click on the ok button, and if i wait for about 10 seconds a second error message appears "Long running operation did not complete, continuing in background". If I then try to click on File > Open a new error message appears "Could not load Packages from Salesforce".

Any ideias how to resolve this issue?


Since last week we started having problems running SOQL queries on a custom Big Object.
Executing the SOQL in our sandboxes gives no problem at all.
So querying/exporting data from Dataloader, Workbench and Execute Anonymous session all give the same error, immediately after the request is fired: "UNKNOWN ERROR: [REQUEST_RUNNING_TOO_LONG] Your request was running for too long, and has been stopped"