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It seems bizarre that in lightning when you open Accounts, Leads or contacts the default is not to open in the details tab but in another less useful one.  Is there any way of changing this default?  

We moved to Lightnng to help encourage users by making it simpler and more obvious.  This strange default makes it less obvious.

I created a custom object called "Account status". I also created a custom field on the account that will store the "Status" value of the account status when it is created and edited. This is working fine. I then created a "Previous Status" field on the account. I created a workflow rule and field update with the formula "TEXT(PRIORVALUE( Rating__c ))". This is working on the edit  properly. However, on the creation of a new "Account Status" object, the priorvalue funtion is returning the "Status" value of the new object. Is there a way to get the previous value on new object creation?