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Hello Guys,

I have 5 latest dumps SP18 trusted by a lot of users here ! They all passed their certifications !

I have :
- Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 dump SP18
- Salesforce SalesCloud Consultant dump SP18
- Salesforce ServiceCloud Consultant dump SP18
- AppBuilder dump SP18
- Platform Developer 1 dump SP18

If you are interested by these dumps, please contact me at yzn_@hotmail.fr
You won't regret it ! 
Thank you :)

Can some one clarify the answers for the following questions as different dumps have different answers for these questions.


What will cause the analytic snapshots run to fail? Please select 3 choices.

a)      The source report has been deleted.
b)     The target object has a trigger on it.
c)      The running user has been inactivated.
d)     The target object is a custom object.
e)      The source report is saved as Matrix report
2) An organization wants to leverage a custom objects to track bugs. The organization wants the ability to related bugs to parent bugs in a parent-child relationship. What type of relationship should be used? Select the Right Answer 
 1.    master-detail
2.     self
3.     hierarchical
4.     many-to-many
3) In a master-child relationship between a standard object and custom object. Which of the following statements is NOT true. Please select two (2) items. 
1.    Standard object is always the master
2.     Custom Object is always the master
3.     Custom object is always a child
5.     Standard or custom object can be a master
6.    Standard object is never a child
A manager in an organization wants to share specific fields of data to his subordinates that only he has access to. What is the best way to share specific fields of data? Please select 2 choices. 
a.       Run As on dashboards
b.      Folder Permission on a Report
c.       Run As on scheduled reports
d.      Folder Permission on a Dashboard
Manager is above the role hierarchy and wants to share some of the account records with his team mates/sub-ordinates. What do you do to achieve this functionality? Select 2 choices:
a)      Update dashboard folder.
b)     Update dashboard running user.
c)      Update report folder.
d)     Update report running user.
How a developer does enables user to access tags in the sidebar. Select 3 chocies:
1.    Adding tags to the sidebar in home page layout
2.    By enabling tags for public groups.
3.    Enabling Tags on user profile.
4.    By enabling Tags on page-layout and object.
5.    Enabling Tags for org
There are two M-D relationship has to be created on object X . The first m-d relation is created is the primary relationship. What is the effect of the primary relationship on X.
1.    Custom Report Type are limited to two primary relationship
2.    The primary set cannot b deleted
3.    there will be no effect on X
4.    X will inherit the look n feel of the primary master object. 
A job application object has a child review object to store candidate review. The review needs to be tracked between a score of 1 to 5. The score has to be a choice between 1 and 5 displayed as a radio button. How will a developer cater to this requirement? Choose the Right answer 
1.    Create 5 fields for scores (1 to 5) of type radio-button and use it in review page layout.
2.    Create a dependent pick list that feeds the radio button type field.
3.    Create a formula field
4.    Create visual force page with radio buttons for review object
What is true about a master-detail relationship? Please select 2 choices. 
1.    When the parent record has been deleted, all the child records will be deleted.
2.    You can have a child record without the parent record.
3.    You have to expose the master lookup field on the child detail page layout.
4.    You cannot delete a child record.
What are the components of the dashboard that use grand totals? please choose two (2) items?
a)      Chart
b)      Metric
c)      Table
d)     Gauge
What field can be controlled by translation workbench?
  1. Rule Criteria
  2. Formula
  3. Validation Errors
  4. Assignment Rules



Kalpana Reddy


I am planning to do 401 certification 


can any one guide me for this


Is there any dump for 401 Certification



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