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I am fairly new at creating web requests and using REST API to pass data back and forth.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to implement the Web-Server authentication flow so that my application redirects to the login page, and then is able to get the access code from the redirect uri? I have found some ideas, for example creating an embedded web browser or creating a web service, but I am not sure how to implement these. 

I understand how to make the initial request, passing the clientID, clientSecret and redirectURI into the request. I successfully obtain an HTML script as a response, which includes the url used to login at salesforce. I am not understanding the part where the app opens a browser for the user to login to, and then where the app is able to pull the access code from the redirected page's URI. 
I implemented Process.Start(loginUrl), which successfully opens up a browser page at the right login page, but this method makes it very difficult to get the access code out to the redirect uri.


I'm new to SFDC Development and Cloud Development in general. Could someone please point me to a simple example of a vs2010 c# console app that authenticates to my SFDC Developer account, then uses the Force.com REST API to query some data from one of my custom objects. I'm not a JAVA guy. Finding this type of an example has been difficult. I've created both a User Token and a Remote Access entry in my SFDC developer account. What do I need to install on my machine to be able to access SFDC from vs2010 projects. In one of the c# examples i've found, the project had a WEB REFERENCE to apex and apex metadata. Under the .NET 4 Framework, I don't even have an option to add a WEB REFERENCE. I noticed if I change my project settings to .NET 2.0, I do have the option of adding a WEB REFERENCE. So, in VS2010, C#, how do I get what I need for developement/connectivity to salesforce. Thanks!

  • September 07, 2012
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