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Hi All,

I would like to know if its possible to 'wireframe' Google drive on a record page layout. Currently, I'm able to display a list of files in a folder on a public URL but this is not ideal. I also want the functionality in Google Drive (Upload, View, Edit, Delete Files/Folders/Templates) I dont want to create a new UI in SF. I would like to levarage GDrive UI. 
Below is an example of what i'm looking for, but its done with Box.com. Is the same possible with Google Drive?

Embedded Box widget with all Box functionality.
Okay, I am having a bit of trouble finding a solution to this predicament I am in and am hoping you guys can help me. I am trying to create a SalesForce web service that will recieve a file in the form of a byte array. The service will pass in the following paramters. Product Code, file name, and a byte array containing the contents of the file being submitted.

So, how would i go about coding this solution? I know how to do this in both C# and Java, but can't seem to find any example on how to do this with APEX code. What I think the process should be is to convert the byte array back into a FileStream, then store the doucment to SalesForce using the Document object. But I have not seen a constructor for the Document object that will take in either a byte array or a Stream object.

Any ideas?
Rich text area field with bullet point style is adding extra spaces top and bottom and is right indent in the column by default.
Any workarounds to fix this issue?
Your response is much appreciated!