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Consider one field (Test) is hidden to the profile and assigned to an user. A Page Layout is created, in that Page Layout this field (Test) is marked as visible. Now the user able to view the field or not ? OWD setting is set as Public.
Any good guides or methods that I can use for styling a visual force page?

Is SLDS the way to go?
Can Anyone help me to integrate Cisco finesse with salseforce ?
Hi ,
I want to Add a picklist value to a table header by using Add Prod custom button once i selected that value from the picklist then that value needs to  remove from the picklist values , Can some one please help me how to achieve this in Lightning 

Thanks in Advance !!
  • July 30, 2019
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How to create ListView button  from apex code and add automatic on listView  for any object  (Metadata Api ) 
Hi All,

Can anyone help me in reading JSON Structure through Apex. I need to find the value of "D".

    "A" : [{
        "B" : "C",
        "B" : {
            "D" : "E"

Raji M
I want to connect apex jobs to scheduled jobs.
I want job type and created date and end date together which can be done if both of the jobs are connected.
I couldn't find the key to connect both of the jobs.
Need some help to solve this.
Hi, Could some one please share me information on "How to display content only on last page of a PDF in Salesforce "

Thanks in advance
  • June 07, 2019
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Hi All, 
I am working on Marketing Cloud in my Dev Org have followed all of the steps in Trailhead module. but when i click log into marketing cloud, password does not exits found.
Please Help me out.
With Regards,
Bvenkat Jeewesh
I have a flow and a lightning component in it. My flow has a variable ObjectID that I want to pass to my lightning component and write a soql based on that variable.
I want to query all records under Portal_Dealer_Relationship__c where ID= ObjectID.
I dont know how to pass this variable and where to use the variable in the component for the SOQL.
Can anyone help please? 
In Salesforce Classic, how can I create button on contact page that generates an email and uses and template I already created?

We have a production Salesforce already running. Is it possible to have a testing environment from that. How can I do it in order to test new developments under Salesforce?

Using javascrip in visualforce page I am trying to redirct page.


This is not working.....How do I pass id dynamically here?
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.
hi everyone,

why we need to mention without sharing keyword, eventhough by default it is without sharing
What are some good examples of utilization of Einstein Analytics for Salesforce CRM. Is the app worth it, in your experience?