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 Why the salesforce is not having "before undelete" event in triggers?

any one could you please explain?

  • April 30, 2013
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I want to allow users to create records of a custom object from Site's public home page. I have created the page and can view the form correctly. I have used the standard controller for MyObject on the page. The form has two lookup fields which are two other custom objects (MyLookup1 and MyLookup2). When I click on the lookup icon, the authentication required page shows up instead of showing list of looked up object.


On site public access settings, I have given Read/Create access for MyObject and Read/View All permission for the objects MyLookup1and MyLookup2. All of these are custom objects created by me. How can I make sure that lookup popup will not ask for authentication?

Hi experts,
I found a Salesforce object named OpportunityContactRole by using the IDE (Eclipse) and I want to add a new trigger for this object but I got the following Error message when try to save the new created trigger:
    Save error: SObject type does not allow triggers: OpportunityContactRole
I really need to add the special processing to this object before updating, do any experts have any idea how to fix this issue?
Best regards!
Boi Hue

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Message Edited by boihue on 12-09-2008 11:02 AM
  • December 09, 2008
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